The daily use of loofah provides a skin deep cleaning, to tone up the organism and stimulate the peripheral circulation.

It is recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists to stimulate the blood circulation and tone up the muscles; its soft texture renovates the skin dead cells, combat the cellulites and fat excess.

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Other Uses

We offer a natural abrasive, as the ones shown in the following images in three different dimensions for specific industrial uses.

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Ecologic Issues

Key qualities

The - Luffa cylindrica is cultivated (renewable resources are used in its production).Luffa cylindrica.
- It is a biodegradable product (does not produce contaminant waste neither during the production process nor in its residuals)
- It has unique exfoliant properties.
- It may be processed giving any shape.

Disadvantages of other sponges

The vegetal sponge produced from cellulose extracted from trees has some disadvantages:
- It is extracted from trees Contributing to increase deforestation.
- It produces contaminant residuals during the production process.

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The land to cultivate loofah

The loofah is a plant coming from tropical zones, it adapts very well to coast zones where temperatures and relative humidity are high. These factors influence the quality of the products giving more elasticity, resistance and fiber compacting.

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